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Emailing from MODX on HostGator (user registration and formIt)

MODX not sending emails? Here's some important notes for emailing from MODX on HostGator or similarly configured hosting

MODX Broken! Reinstall!

One of the best things you can do for your MODX site, should some weird issue occur is to simply reinstall MODX.

MODX Manager Empty, Blank, Resource Tree Missing, Menu Non-Functional (Menu doesn't work)

Big issue with many updates and sometimes just suddenly it doesn't work. Get your MODX manager back!

MODX Evolution to Revolution from Subfolder

Now that you've developed your MODX Revolution site in a dev folder (subfolder), the time will come to move this site to the root on your server.

MODX - First step to solving issues or errors, clear your cache!

MODX is a powerful tool, but that doesn't mean sometimes it behaves a little off and knowing what to do when these strange things occur can help improve your day and of course, your workflow.

mySQL Time, PHP Time, MODX Time

A handy snippet for MODX that will display MySQL and PHP times