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Custom Website Design & Development at Frogabog is focused on the best practices of current modern cross browser representation using the amazing power of HTML5 and CSS3. 

And now you're asking, "What the heck does that mean Kori?"

Well basically this means that custom sites designed and developed by Frogabog will take advantage of the latest web standards, and when viewed in any modern browser, will display similarly. 

Using responsive design coupled with HTML5 and CSS3, sites are also easy to read and navigate through on any size screen or display.  From the largest monitor to the smallest mobile phone browser, your site will adapt to any screen size to create a pleasant experience for your visitors.  The design process begins with your vision and ideas, and a personal visit to your site or facility where we can build the foundation for the look and feel of your site.  Then we'll discuss how you want to market your site, how your target audience will use the site, and what options you'll have once the site is live.

The design process depends on your input, your ideas, your style, your product, and your needs.  When all that is figured out, designing can begin.

Basic mock up's are usually ready for previewing within 24 hours and then the fun starts. With most of the Content Management System options you will also have access to the development site so you can begin to familiarize yourself with editing and updating if you choose, and preview/test new pages and functions.  This allows you to upload your images directly to your development site or add text and content as you wish.  It helps both of us with the development of the site by cutting out the extra step to email content and files that subsequently will need to be uploaded to the server or posted to a page.

Templated CMS Sites

Templated CMS sites can be a way to get a site online as soon as your textual content is input, and have some basic functionalities.  Further development can continue while the template handles your visitors if desired.  Wordpress delivers well for this option, and has many free templates to chose from.  For a custom designed site, or a modified templated site, I do prefer to use MODX and hope to assure you of the benefits of going with this incredibly flexible Content Management Platform.

Templated or Existing Sites into MODX

MODX is a fully flexible platform that can use any html/css template of your choosing.  I can also import ANY existing static sites into the MODX installation while development for a new site design is ongoing, or simply run your existing site with MODX.  It's very much the best of all worlds for clients who want to take advantage of converting to a CMS while developing a new site design. 

Custom MODX Sites

My MODX sites are built from the ground up, and are designed fo be viewed on any screen or device no matter what size.  The advantage of this over a templated site is a clean minimal design that performs on all screens.  With this option, your site doesn't need to be designed to target any particular audience or browser because it looks fabulous and functions nicely for everyone.

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