MODX Broken! Reinstall!

Re-installing MODX can actually do wonders for your broken site.  There are many things that affect the manager's usability, while your front end works just fine.  Thankfully, a broken manager rarely results in a broken website.

Your best choice is to install MODX manually.  Often your server will offer an installation script, which can be great or really screw you up.  Re-installing MODX is a manual process, and the steps should be followed specifically. 

The update information is found at Upgrade or re-install (reinstall) your MODX site)

Re-install (reinstalling MODX) is your friend.  Re-running setup often does the trick, although a fresh set of files never hurts.

New copies of the can save your day.  I don't know how many times I've finally resorted to downloading a new copy of the file I used previously to install or update MODX and found that my download was obviously corrupted.  The new version fixed it all.  Hours lost to not bothering to simply fetch a fresh copy.  Just go get it for every re-installation you try.  I will try to do as I preach.

Remember to clear (delete) the core/cache files any time you run an update or re-install.  At times, a browser cache is necessary but not always.  

Please, if you have any comments about the documentation referenced above let me know what could be changed.