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Your business is continually evolving, which means you probably need, or would like to be able to make changes to your website frequently.  Many small business owners may not have the time or resources to do full justice to what your website requires; often it is not justified to hire a full, or even part-time resource to take care of your website.

If you're like most business owners/operators, your focus is likely your particular profession, trade, or product. Certainly not web development. Or perhaps you know enough html and css to be dangerous, but mucking about with your website is not an appropriate use of your time and skills. Furthermore, I'm going to take a leap and assume that if you're here looking into administrative services, you never did want to be a web developer when you grew up either.

Frogabog can help

Hiring a person that is competent to maintain a website can be a challenge.

Frogabog provides Website and Marketing services all the time, and already has expertise in the field.

Let Frogabog Administrative Services take care of your website management.

Administrative services not only handle textual content, but also your server, databases,  images and videos, promotions and specials, news and press releases, events and calendars, employment opportunities, staff information, new products/discontinued products, etc.

Content & SEO

Frequent changes to content is desired not only by your website users, but also plays a key role in search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization techniques without continually changing and adding content to your site results in poor performance in search results. This affects your site's traffic, and ultimately your bottom line.

Frogabog helps you with website maintenance services and offers to be your webmaster.  I can take care of all the functions of your website administration & maintenance including:

  • Updates to content, create new pages or edit existing pages, add or change images & banners, change the promotions
  • Optimize web pages and graphics for speed & performance
  • Bug fixing, tweaking and enhancements
  • Traffic analysis & site performance monitoring
  • Upgrading site software, patches and plug-ins
  • Setting up & integrating third party services like Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Affiliate tracking systems
  • Administer your email service/webmail
  • Monthly, weekly or daily backups depending on your requirement to ensure data security & business continuity

Provide e-mail services and administration, including the following:

  • Auto responders - server e-mails sender with a response automatically
  • Bots - programs that process e-mails based on conditions (Business Intelligent Auto Responders)
  • E-mail list server
  • Broadcast e-mails within a group Form mail
  • site visitors can fill in form fields sent to e-mail Forwarders -
  • send/forward mail from one address to another. ie. ->
  • IMAP
  • Web Mail
  • POP3
  • Server Integrate website with social media / networking websites, such as: Digg Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
  • Perform Search Engine Optimization:

  • Site Map Creation (sitemap.xml) 
  • Analysis of Keyword Ranking
  • Directory Listing Management - DMOZ (ODP), Yahoo! Local, Google Local Business Center, Bing Local Listing Center, Citysearch, Event Listings
  • Appear in local Yahoo!, Google, and MSN Calendars.
  • Keyword Ranking & Relevancy
  • Link Building - increases your Google Page Rank Listing in major search engines including: Bing, Google, and Yahoo!

Management of:

  • Yahoo! Site Explorer,
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Webmaster Central
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
  • Press Releases
  • Professional Association Listings - increases your Google Page Rank
  • robots.txt - regulate what search bots are authorized to do, and when.
  • RSS News Feeds
  • Statistical Reports Automatically E-mailed From Google Analytics
  • Website statistics analysis

Administration and import / export of databases if needed, such as:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, .csv)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Text Files (Tab Delimited, Character Delimited)

How does it work?

Website maintenance is provided on pay-as-you-go basis, as well as monthly packages for the number of hours you need. The services that are provided are specific to the needs of each website, usually including a combination of website updates, website server administration, website application management, database management, statistical analysis, and search engine optimization.

Quality service levels and fast response times are assured with usual turnaround for updates within 24-48 hours. This service is ideal for small businesses that already have websites, have small budgets for on-going website maintenance, and need minimal updates to their website on an on-going basis.

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