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Site administration clients always have the option of being hosted at our shared server.  This option includes DNS setup, site transfer, and software installation with basic setup to the server. 

Standard Shared Website Hosting is available, and we also offer VPS servers as a SkyToaster Affiliate.

For MODX hosting, I recommend switching to our server due to the fact that many servers that offer MODX as an install script aren't actually configured properly for MODX.  This can cause problems that waste everyone's time, but mostly mine.  Our server is configured to host all websites, regardless of size, with specific configuration and support for MODX installations.

If you're thinking about switching your host to our server, but don't know what it will take to move your site, contact me through the form  to the right, and we can discuss your concerns.

Sites can be moved without any disruption in service (downtime), and in most cases all we need from you is your login information.

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