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Hourly Charges

Frogabog provides hourly services Monday through Friday each week.  Weekend emergency services are billed at the regular hourly rate plus 15%. 

Please deliver your content edit requests to Frogabog at least 3 working days prior to deadline, preferably 1 week ahead.  Most edits and site work will be available to your site within 48 hours after notification.  This typically allows for 24 hours after delivery for you (client) to review the changes and modify them prior to the due date. Occasionaly other projects or service will have priority. You will be notified after you request and submit your changes if it looks like more than 72 hours will pass before the work can be completed. 

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance clients will receive priority service for site edits or design changes if your copy or change request is received prior to the deadline your contract specifies. 


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