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This Terms of Service (TOS) is a legal agreement between Frogabog and each client of Frogabog. If our client resells our services, they will be held responsible for all violations of this agreement pertaining to their account with Frogabog. Use of our services automatically enters you into this agreement. If you use any service provided by or affiliated with Frogabog, you are legally bound by this agreement. Read this agreement and all Exhibits carefully to ensure that you understand and agree to all parts.

Any questions regarding this agreement should be sent to info@frogabog.com prior to signing up for service.

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The Terms of Service (TOS) are the rules and regulations that specify guidelines for using our services. Use of our services is subject to these terms. Please read them carefully and ensure that you understand and agree to all parts. Use of Frogabog Service's services implies agreement with these terms.

Terms of Service

Frogabog. (hereinafter referred to as "Frogabog") provides web hosting to people all around the world. We have the responsibility to protect each client and provide them with the best service possible. The following guidelines were designed to ensure that our services remain of the utmost quality. Please read very carefully before ordering and/or using Frogabog, LLC.

Service Agreement

The Frogabog Service Agreement is a separate agreement between Frogabog and all customers. Please make sure you are in agreement with the following points and conditions, as well as our service agreement (in its entirety) before signing up for or using Frogabog's services. Contact us for any clarifications.
Link: Service Agreement

Resource Usage Policy

The Frogabog Resource Usage Policy is an extension of the Terms of Service containing more specific utilization policies. Please make sure you are in agreement with its points and conditions before signing up for or using Frogabog's services. Contact us for any clarifications.
Link: Resource Usage Policy

Refund Policy

At Frogabog’s discretion, accounts that violate our TOS or RUP will be closed, disqualified from our Money Back Guarantee and issued no refund or credit of any kind, without notice.

Prorated Account Credit

Prorated Frogabog account credit may be issued at Frogabog’s discretion for the following products:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Managed VPS Hosting
  • Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Prorated credits are calculated using the price originally paid minus any discounts received for long-term purchases.

If an account credit is issued, it can only be used as payment for future invoices for products and services from SkyToaster.


All services provided by Frogabog may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any United States Federal, State or City law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret and other statue. The subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Frogabog from any claims resulting from the use of the service which damages the subscriber or any other party.

Note: Pornography and sex-related merchandising are prohibited on any Frogabog server. This includes sites that may infer sexual content, or Link to adult content elsewhere. This is also true for sites that promote any illegal activity or content that may be damaging to Frogabog servers or any other server on the internet. Links to such materials are also prohibited. Contact us for any clarifications.

Copyright Violations

Frogabog will respond to all reports of infringement that are formatted in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and any other applicable copyright laws. Notices of infringement that do not comply with this act will not be processed. We will act in accordance with the DMCA when handling infringement reports.


Frogabog performs nightly backups of our servers; however, these backups are for Frogabog's administrative purposes only, and are in NO WAY GUARANTEED! Customers are responsible for maintaining their own backups on their own personal computers. Frogabog does not provide any sort of compensation for lost or incomplete data in the event that backups do not function properly (even if the malfunction was due to negligence on Frogabog's part). We will do our best to ensure complete and accurate backups, but assume no responsibility for this duty. Always back your site up to your personal computer! We make no guarantees about the availability of backup.

Support Abuse

At Frogabog, we always treat our customers with the utmost respect. In return, we expect the same from you. If our staff feels that you are consistently addressing them in a demeaning or rude manner, your account may be suspended and you may be asked to take your business elsewhere. In the event that we terminate service for support abuse, customers will be given ten (10) days notice to find a new host. A pro-rated refund may be issued on a case-by-case basis.

Intentional Harm

Any attempts to undermine or cause harm to a Frogabog server or customer of Frogabog is strictly prohibited. Accounts found in violation of this provision will be subject to immediate account deactivation without refund. Frogabog will turn all available information about abuse incidents, including customer contact data, over to the proper authorities and press charges.


Exhibit A: Frogabog Service Agreement

Frogabog's current Service Agreement is available at the following URL: http://frogabog.com/legal/service-agreement.

Exhibit B: Frogabog Resource Usage Policy (RUP)

Frogabog's current Resource Usage Policy are available at the following URL: http://frogabog.com/legal/resource-usage-policy-(rup).

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